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The Moon and Neil Armstrong

Rome, Italy, 25th August 2012
The moon, photographed from my place. This is what happens when you start playing with a little Nikon 1 camera, and you attach to it a Nikon DSLR zoom, a tripod and a remote. And you have got time to spare. And patience.
Few hours after I made this photo I learned that Neil Armstrong passed away the same night.

I will try to catch up and post a few more photos in the next days. This place has been too quiet in the past couple of years.
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Star trails

Monti SIbillini, Italy, August 2013
I always wanted to try and capture star trails. Finally, this summer, all the elements came into place, almost perfectly. A cloudless night, elevation (up in the mountains at 1500 mt above the sea level), zero artificial lights around (except from those down in the valleys, that I actually wanted in the photograph), and the whole place for myself!