Hiiumaa, Estonia. August 2010
The second largest island of Estonia, Hiiumaa still shows visible signs of the Soviet occupation, that only ended in 1993. Military bases, bunkers, barracks are still everywhere. But beyond that, Hiiumaa is rich of his own traditions and is very modern as well. 
I was specially attracted by some stalinist houses in Kõrgessaare. These blocks were built for the workers of the Viskoosa factory, that now lies abandoned few hundred meters away. The houses though, seemed to have a different destiny. Well kept, with white walls and bright green grass in the garden, you can feel people still have their roots in these houses. And the stories of grandchildren coming back in summertime to visit their grandparents reminded me of my own childhood. Places are different, but often stories aren’t that different.

I spent a week in Hiiumaa, working together with fellow LUMEN members. LUMEN is an independent photographer’s cooperative I joined earlier in the year. It was also a chance to see some old friends after long time.
A special thanks to Toomas for taking care of us on his beautiful island (and for a fantastic birthday party!), and to Uschi for helping me enter the stalinist houses and meet their inhabitants.links.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0