In the darkness
Lightings - From Fianello (Italy) - July 2008
From Fianello, Lazio, Italy, July 2008
A solitary night in the tiny and unknown hamlet of Fianello turned out to be a lucky one, too! As I noticed the lightnings from the main square of the village (they must have been quite far away, in fact I couldn’t hear any thunder following them) I just had time to put the camera on the tripod, mirror up, manual focus, and just keep shooting, and hope to capture one of those amazing and unpredictable lightnings in one of my photos. It wasn’t just the lightnings but also the bubble of clouds around them resembling an explosion that was impressive, in a sky otherwise clear. All in complete silence.
Bolognola (Italy) - August 2007
Bolognola, August 2007
This photo has been made on the 15th of August, in a time of the year when it’s easier to spot shooting stars at night. The sky was so stunning that I spent a couple of hours photographing in complete darkness - my nose up in the air. The very few cars passing by during that time must have thought I was crazy... but it was actually lots of fun, and the light was there: sometimes the beams of the cars, the light from a small locanda, the background light from the town behind the mountains... and millions of stars! All I needed was just a shooting star to fall into my picture...
Moon - Rome - 25th August 2012
Rome, Italy, 25th August 2012
The moon, photographed from my place. This is what happens when you start playing with a little Nikon 1 camera, and you attach to it a Nikon DSLR zoom, a tripo and a remote. And you have got time to spare. And patience.
Few hours after I made this photo I learned that Neil Armstrong passed away the same night.
Star Trails - Monti Sibillini - August 2013
Monti SIbillini, Italy, August 2013
I always wanted to try and capture star trails. Finally, this summer, all the elements came into place, almost perfectly. A cloudless night, elevation (up in the mountains at 1500 mt above the sea level), zero artificial lights around (except from those down in the valleys, that I actually wanted in the photograph), and the whole place for myself!